Welcome to Winter Wildlife Control Bait & Lures.

We are a Lure and Bait Company specializing in Quality made Baits & Lures.  When we say gland base lure. That's what we mean, we use only the best glands that we can find.  NO FILLERS.  We use quality ingredients.  Real Mink glands, Muskrat glands and Beaver castor.  No synthetic glands in any of our products.  We still make them in small patches so we can keep the quality of our products to the HIGHEST standard they can be.

As for the rest of our product line, we tend to steer toward the curiosity side of the animal instincts.  We use musk's and oils in our products to keep the animal working your set longer.  And everyone knows if the animal stays at the set longer you have a better chance of catching them, AND THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.

Our lures and baits are not loud rank, overpowering odors that have a tendency to make the animal roll on your set or shy away from your set.  We here at Winter Wildlife Control Bait & Lure are constantly striving to improve upon and develop new and exciting products that are being tested for the trapper and predator caller. 


Check back with us often, as we will add new products to our store as they become available.

We hope that you will give us a try, and let us earn part of your business.

From all of us at Winter Wildlife Control Bait & Lure